~”Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”~

Joshua 1:9

Latest News

Virtually Keswick

KESWICK CONVENTION 2020 – Online The Keswick Convention is this year having 5 days of “Virtually Keswick” – 27th to 31st July, which should be worth a look. The theme is “Hope” and the Bible readings are from Psalms. The morning session is at 10am, there are seminars at 11:15am and the evening session is at 8pm.Continue reading “Virtually Keswick”

Lockdown Rules – Update

Phase 3 Update. Due to the list of requirements by ScotGOV and with the majority of our office bearers still “guarding”, we are unable to open the Church buildings for Congregational worship, so our Online worship services will continue as the new normal for Sunday worship. The Kirk Sessions of Dallas, Rafford and St LeonardsContinue reading “Lockdown Rules – Update”

The Guild

The Church of Scotland Guild or simply The Guild (formerly known as the Woman’s Guild), is a movement within the Church of Scotland. Historically it was, and often in practice it is, an exclusively woman’s movement. It has groups, organised at a congregational level, in most of the parishes of Scotland. The aim of the movement is “to invite and encourage bothContinue reading “The Guild”

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