The Guild

The Church of Scotland Guild or simply The Guild (formerly known as the Woman’s Guild), is a movement within the Church of Scotland.

Historically it was, and often in practice it is, an exclusively woman’s movement. It has groups, organised at a congregational level, in most of the parishes of Scotland. The aim of the movement is “to invite and encourage both woman and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and to enable them to express their faith in worship, prayer, and action”. The associated motto is “Whose I am, and Whom I serve’ 

St Leonard’s Church Guild

The Church of Scotland Guild is so much more than it appears at a glance.  Over the years, the guild has taken great risks in its work, often leading the church into ideas and service that it may otherwise have found too challenging or even too frightening to pursue.  Here are  some of our projects and themes, the building of a girls school in Kalimpong in 1888,  working with alcoholic women in early 20th century , sending gifts to German women after the war, post-natal depression, domestic abuse, challenging apartheid, addressing human trafficking and many, many more.

Fellowship is probably the main reason why most people attend Guild Meetings. Yes, we go to learn more about the Bible, to pray, to worship and to learn from speakers but mostly it is because of the friendship and support we enjoy with other members.

We have had lots of fun and interesting talks eg project Uganda, Moray libraries, Quiz (with members from other guilds), different crafts, Salvation Army and afternoons of entertainment by members.  The Guild members are also invited to different guilds for evening/afternoons of entertainment.  We also have a Scottish night which is a great success and everyone seems to enjoy, Christmas Party with the ladies all doing the Hokey Cokey and we have out usual Summer Lunch or Afternoon Tea at a local hotel. So I am sure there would be something of interest there for everyone.  New members are always made very welcome.  We have had several men visiting but no men have ventured to join the Guild. All are welcome, if you are interested in joining or would like more information then please use our contact form.

June Machray  Guild President

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