Lockdown Update

Our three Kirks are still closed until we can muster  all the safety requirements  which are legal. All three Kirk sessions are due to make an updated decision 7-9th September.   Also, St Leonards still has builders materials blocking a critical fire exit as I write this. I would like to see some form of Sunday worship resumed before the end of September if the Kirk Sessions feel they can organise deep cleans before and after, as well as monitor facemasks and hand cleaning at the doors with a register for “contact and trace”.  We are also obliged  to conduct a deep clean before and after services,  which will be seated and void of Hymn singing. Meeting  for teas after the service will not be possible until future notice. However,  we do plan  to continue with weekly online  services , during  which  people have been able to sing hymns  at home. Donald Prentice ( Minister)

Pastoral Care and Telephone “Visiting”

Donald loves the fellowship of a phone call and also your news so please keep in touch. The Minister  has been conducting “Telephone Visiting”  during Lockdown. If you have not  received a call and would like one please contact us here to arrange a call. If you already have the phone number then please feel free to call. This is still a time to be careful but we can  keep in good fellowship via email and telephone.

Blog & Online  Services – will continue even when we return to partial  services in the Kirk building. This is to enable  anyone who is unable to attend for whatever reason to take part in worship. This will be almost the same service as will be held in Church. Please help anyone you know who has a computer or tablet, to access the services online. Simply type stleonardschurchforres.org  in the browser box,  then click on the Worship menu on the top line or visit our YouTube channel. If anyone without a computer, who has a DVD player would like the current or previous services, John Carson our Reader/ Elder will deliver a dvd recording to you.  This replaces the cassette tape / cd  home service.

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