Faith Action Plan

This is the plan for the Church of Scotland’s activities , as put forward by the Assembly Trustees recently.

As the Church’s vision statement indicates – we are a Church which seeks to inspire the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ. So, the critical elements of our Faith Action Plan are:

• Worship – continuously developing to reflect the changing needs of society
• Witness – focusing on priorities, new ways of working and active stewardship
• Nurture – faith formation & discipleship
• Serving communities – supporting the local church and beyond. Partnering where we cannot make a significant impact or it is beyond our reach, capability or affordability. Collaboration & relationship building.
• Training – a single integrated faith training programme with a clear focus on targeted selection, inspirational leadership for worship, witness, nurture, service and impact

Presbyteries and Kirk Sessions , along with all Members will be working to find new and innovative ways of implementing these goals over the coming year.

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