Christian Meditation

During this time of Lockdown, which  will possibly last not 6 months but a year,  we can all become anxious. Often the anxiety is due to something we have buried  away in the past  and now it has time  to bubble up again. This may be accompanied by physical  symptoms like lack of sleep,  a racing heart or a sense of foreboding. The daily practice of meditation  can help us all to reduce anxiety levels and find a temporary  or lasting peace. Thanks to WCCM  a Christian meditation group, you can access this now. All you need do is click here and listen to Father Laurence Freeman.OSB.

Meditation for Children

Many schools are now teaching reflective  practices   to children,  sometimes  called  mindfulness. Schools do this as it helps reduce anxiety and enables children to learn and remember more easily. Here we encourage Christian Meditation for all ages. This link is a testimony from some children

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