Message from the Minister

Covid-19 has predictably developed a new strain. It is more dangerous to all people  especially anyone over the age of 20. In Moray the numbers have been increasing daily since before Christmas. So the Government  is not over-reacting with lockdown. Please treat the next 8 weeks  with the utmost care and protection for yourself and others. Much  hope is being placed on the new vaccines. Pray to God that they will protect us all; and pray for all NHS staff.Meantime, the supermarkets  deliver to your door if you can order online. Please use this facility if at all possible, instead of going to the shops.Some of our  members have been active in sharing telephone calls with other Members and Church attenders. Please  increase  this activity if you can  for the next two months. Whilst keeping  social distance, a good walk in the park is  quite therapeutic  at this time. Otherwise, books, radio and television are good supports. Meantime, stay home  and  stay safe until  this world pandemic has come to pass. Rest assured, our Church and hall are  being kept in good condition for a return to normal activities.

God Bless

Rev. Donald Prentice 

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