Challenge Poverty Week

During the month of October we are encouraged by the Scottish Churches to reflect on our responses to poverty, both personally and at a Church level.  Many people from all the Churches give their support to poverty minimising activities like Food Banks. Others help lobby their MPs and MSPs to address the needs of low income families and single people of all ages  living alone. For further information please follow the online  link: PleaseContinue reading “Challenge Poverty Week”

Church Open

St Leonard’s Church will hold their first service 1030am Sunday 20 September with Track and Trace.Subsequently on 2nd and 4th Sundays starting 11 October. You can view our calendar here. Dallas Kirk – Have their first service at 12 noon on Sunday 20 September with Track and Trace.Subsequently on 1st and 4th Sundays starting onContinue reading “Church Open”

The Guild

The Church of Scotland Guild or simply The Guild (formerly known as the Woman’s Guild), is a movement within the Church of Scotland. Historically it was, and often in practice it is, an exclusively woman’s movement. It has groups, organised at a congregational level, in most of the parishes of Scotland. The aim of the movement is “to invite and encourage bothContinue reading “The Guild”