Vigil For Syria

Monday 15th March 2021 17.00-17.40 Join us in an online Vigil for Syria, marking ten years of the Syrian conflict, as a public expression of solidarity with the Syrian people and Syrian refugeeshere in Scotland and in other countries. Register on Eventbrite, read the flyer on the full post for more details.

Message from the Minister

Covid-19 has predictably developed a new strain. It is more dangerous to all people  especially anyone over the age of 20. In Moray the numbers have been increasing daily since before Christmas. So the Government  is not over-reacting with lockdown. Please treat the next 8 weeks  with the utmost care and protection for yourself and others. Much  hope is being placed on the new vaccines. Pray to God that theyContinue reading “Message from the Minister”

The Minister’s Beard!

Kirk Fund Raiser, Several people have complained  about the Minister’s  Beard !  SO…  Donald is willing to have it removed on Christmas Eve if there is sufficient sponsorship to each of the three  Kirk Treasurers. This will hopefully provide a Christmas boost and gift by you all to our much needed kirk funds during this crisis of Lockdown. Rev Donald Prentice

Challenge Poverty Week

During the month of October we are encouraged by the Scottish Churches to reflect on our responses to poverty, both personally and at a Church level.  Many people from all the Churches give their support to poverty minimising activities like Food Banks. Others help lobby their MPs and MSPs to address the needs of low income families and single people of all ages  living alone. For further information please follow the online  link: PleaseContinue reading “Challenge Poverty Week”